Welcome to Our New Home Health Care Blog for Altamonte Springs, Florida!

Welcome to Our New Home Health Care Blog for Altamonte Springs, Florida!

Hello, and welcome to our new Home Health Care Blog for Altamonte Springs, Florida residents!   Our company, Partners in Healthcare, is committed to delivering exceptional client centered care which enhances the client’s  lives and independence, as well as provides peace of mind for their families.  Here is a little about us:

Bonnie Charpentier, RN

VP Clinical Services

Very early in my life I knew I was a caregiver. Helping others is truly what motivates me. My first job as a nurse’s aide was in a nursing home caring for elders. Then I began my professional nursing career as an LPN and gained vast experience in eldercare. This was during a time when options were limited. Typically families had to choose between placement in a skilled facility or the family caring for them in their home with limited resources or support. After beginning my family and once our sons began school I decided to continue my education. At this same time my dad who had been such a strong supporter and positive influence in my life was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died  a few months later at the young age of fifty nine. I returned to school and pursued nursing to obtain an Associate of Science degree and a Registered Nurse license.

At this time homecare was relatively new and growing in Massachusetts. I knew this was where I felt I needed to work. To be able to help people remain in their homes. Providing them with the support and assistance necessary to keep them independent for as long as is reasonable, hopefully to the end of their lives. Over the next several years our lives’ changed dramatically. My husband was offered a job in a state that was more then 1,000 miles from Massachusetts, which prompted our move to Florida. This was quite a change from the small quaint town we were familiar with in central Massachusetts. Everything was different, schools, healthcare, shopping, and it was quite an adjustment for all of our family.

Today, after multiple challenges I find that life has come full circle. I am pursuing the same goals that I did all those years earlier, helping others through homecare. This time in a capacity that I’ve known was the best option for so many years.  Helping others access the resources to assist seniors to age in place of their choosing. Providing them with the assistance and guidance to maintain their highest quality of life for as long as is reasonable. Hopefully to the end of their lives if that’s what they desire.

Hank Charpentier, MBA, MA


I’ve always been a self starter, a go-getter if you will, driven to be the best. As a young man delivering newspapers, a teenager working on a local farm, a crew chief in the Navy, I’ve worked to be a leader the level head in stressful situations.  In the business world, this drive transferred to my professional aspirations. After determinedly moving up through the ranks, of telecommunications and computer companies, for over 30 years.  I still found myself unsatisfied with the pursuit of technically focused positions.  I yearned for more control of my own destiny.  That’s when I returned to school.

College was an area I had not conquered, and the challenge intrigued and excited me.   I earned Master degrees in Business Administration and Marketing, with additional studies in Human Resource Management and Development. My academic training has helped to round out my professional experience.  Now, I’ve moved on to my next challenge, with the help of my wife and best friend, we will provide the best in home healthcare services in Central Florida.   This is a challenge that makes me excited to go to work each day, helping others provides the personal satisfaction that I have seldom felt in other positions.

Visit us at:

Partners in Health Care

815 Orienta Ave. Suite 1060

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701


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