Home Care Testimonials

Home Care Testimonials

As one of Orlando’s top home care providers of senior care, Partners in Healthcare is dedicated to making sure our clients are satisfied. Below are home care testimonials from our clients concerning the home health care we provide for them or their loved ones.

We know you have many choices when it comes to Orlando home health care providers, which is why our mission has always been to provide the best client-centered in-home care in the area. Contact Partners in Healthcare today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free in-home assessment.

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Partners in Healthcare has cared for my mother since the end of 2012. I received less than a days notice from another agency that they could no longer provide services for my mother who was living at home alone. I was out of the country on business and flew home immediately to meet with Bonnie and her care team. They have been caring for my mother at home, then in the hospital and now in a nursing home.  Their attention to detail such as shopping for her favorite foods or clothes has given me the peace of mind I need when I cannot be there. Although my mother lives in a nursing home my Partners care team provides the special care my mother deserves every day.  I highly recommend the Partners in Health care team!
Robert L.

Services – My mother felt that both her and my father’s health were deteriorating and because their desire was to live in their home, she anticipated that one day they might need more help than I could give them.  At the time, my parents and I felt like I could help them with all their needs but after a friend’s recommendation to call Partners in Healthcare to set up an appointment to meet Bonnie in the event that we might one day need help, I made the call.  Bonnie came to my parent’s home to meet us.  She never pressured us in anyway but simply took down my parent’s information just in case we were to ever need help in the future.  Just knowing that we were in the Partners in Healthcare system gave my mother and me so much peace but little did we know just how thankful we would be that we took this first step because 4 months later, my mother suffered a head injury after a fall.  After a week in the hospital the doctor made his Sunday rounds and told me that he would be discharging my mother to a nursing home Monday morning.  I immediately called Partners in Healthcare and spoke to Bonnie directly on that Sunday morning. She told me not to worry because she would arrange everything!  On Monday morning, the doctor discharged my mother to her home and Bonnie and a caregiver were there to meet us!  With 24-hour care provided by Partners in Healthcare my parents have been able to stay in their own home which I firmly believe has given them such a happy and great quality of life. Fast-forward to today, we still have our wonderful and loving caregivers provided by Partners in Healthcare.  My mother has fully recovered from her head injury but needs minor assistance walking, showering, etc. and since January, my father is now requiring care due to Alzheimer’s disease. My parents now receive “Couples Care” from Partners in Healthcare.  I would highly recommend Partners in Healthcare.  Bonnie and Hank are wonderful and are available any time I want or need to talk to them!  5 stars

Caregivers – Our caregivers are angels – so kind, patient, loving and compassionate and they give exceptional care. I never need to worry that my parents are not being cared for properly. 5 stars

Sue R.
Services – Bonnie, Hank and their team of trained caregivers provided responsive, flexible and professional service when our father needed it most. If the need were to arise in the future, we would utilize the services of Partners in Healthcare without hesitation and we certainly recommend their services without qualification. 5 stars

Caregivers – Professional, timely, helpful and courteous. 5 stars

Jeff G.

Professional and Compassionate Care

Services – Excellent service! Great communication, accountable, keep their promise. Bonnie always finds good people who are trustworthy and dependable. I would recommend your service to anyone in need quality care for themselves and for their loved ones. 5 stars

Caregivers – Very good and stayed in contact with the family and I had peace of mind knowing that they were caring for my father. 5 stars

Dr. Alan B.

I am a current client of this provider

We are able to keep Mom at home and get a home health care from Partners in HealthCare for her. That’s been working out very well so far. We all felt very good about them having a really flexible schedule. They’ve been great. We have been very happy with this agency. We really enjoy the person that works with us. My mom seems to be very comfortable with her. She would do light house cleaning, make the bed, and help my mom with her showering and shampooing. She’ll pretty much do whatever we ask of her. If we’re going out for a while and we don’t want to leave Mom all alone, we will have the home health care person come over and she’ll keep my mom company. She is extremely sensitivity with whatever my mom needs. She jumps right out to help Mom even though we’re there. I was really impressed with that. We feel comfortable with her. She seems to really put Mom first and focuses on her even when we’re there.


Great Care

We used Partners in Healthcare to supplement hospice care when my grandfather was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease. They were always professional and on-time. They were also compassionate and I always felt that I could trust them in my home. They gave quality care and I would recommend them to anyone looking to care for a loved one at home.

Carrie G.

Partners in Healthcare has gone over and above the call of duty for our family.

From the initial meeting to discuss our needs and consider which personality of caregivers are best suited for our household, the agency has done a superior job. The scheduling needs have changed for us from time to time and they have always tried so patiently to help us. We are extremely pleased with the quality of care we receive and are very grateful for their great employees.

Mary P.

Timed and matched my needs as they changed

Partners in Healthcare meet with us and provided the help we needed at the time and level we needed. They were very professional and caring and adjusted the level of care as it rapidly progressed. The management and staff were the best that could possibly be. They seem to care as much as loving family members. I would call them first for any future help that we may need.

Phil S.

Partners in Healthcare is a blessing!

My grandmother can be a stubborn hard to please person. We must have tried more than a hand full of caregivers and two different companies. Until I found Partners in Healthcare who were great! There was great communication between the agency and our family and they were always professional. My grandmother was starting to show signs of dementia and they knew exactly how to care for her. I would highly recommend them!

Dana R.

Truly Caring and Quality Service

We are so lucky to have found Partners in Healthcare to care for Mary! Bonnie and her crew have consistently provided caring, helpful services to ensure Mary could stay in her home. From household tasks and medical assistance, to disability-focused home renovation assistance and more – they have become extended family we can count on. As we live 2 hours away, I don’t know what we have done without them – its obvious they truly care, and have the skills to provide quality service. We couldn’t ask for a better team to care for our loved one!

Teri C.

Home care for Father

Since my 93 year old dad lived with my family, I liked the fact that Partners in Care came to the house first to introduce a new caregiver and to instruct the caregiver on the daily routine of the patient and household. A majority of the care was 5 star. Although there were a few less than 5 star caregivers, Partners in Care empowered my dad and our family to make changes to care if someone did not “fit in”. For about 3 months, until my dad’s death, Partners in Healthcare provided coverage so that we could leave the house without worry. That was a blessing.

Margaret W.

Home care for my mother in Winter Park

Dear Bonnie and Hank, thank you for all the excellent care you and everyone provides for my mother in her home. It has been an absolute lifesaver having your girls caring for my mother.

B. W.
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