Senior Drivers

When Senior Drivers in Florida need Assistance

Studies demonstrate that poor driving performance increases with increased dementia severity. Drivers with dementia are not in more crashes than non-demented elderly drivers, suggesting that dementia should not be the sole justification for suspending driving privileges. Instead, an on-the-road driving test, or other functional test, is the best way to assess driving skills of each person.

Hanging up the car keys is a life changing decision for a senior. The message it sends goes to the heart of seniors’ self esteem and strips them of their freedom to come and go as they please. At Partners in Healthcare, we can get them where they need to be when they choose to be there.

  • Doctor appointments
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery shopping
  • Hair dresser appointment
  • Library
  • Card games
  • Bingo
  • Golf outing
  • Visit friends and family

Please click here for a free brochure created by the National Institute on aging Older Drivers

Can't walk, can't see, can't hear, thank God I can drive!

Can’t walk, can’t see, can’t hear, thank God I can drive!

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