Post Surgery Assistance & Monitoring

Post Surgery Assistance & Monitoring

Surgery Assistance & Monitoring

Home Care Post-Surgery Assistance and Monitoring

When a loved one undergoes surgery, you want to be there for him or her every minute of the day. However, you have work, family, and other commitments that may prevent you from being there 24/7. When you need someone to be there for your loved one when you can’t, Partners in Healthcare’s dedicated caregivers can be your helping hand and advocate.

We will be with your loved one while he or she is in the hospital so that you can get some much needed rest. Our caregivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you the peace of mind that your loved one is not alone. Services can be provided in the following places:

  • HomesIMG_0111
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living centers
  • Rehabilitation facilities

Benefits of our companion services include:

  • Peace of mind for you
  • A companion for your loved one
  • Ability to quickly start personal home care services
  • Transitional care from rehabilitation facility to home

Day Surgery Services

When outpatient surgery, treatment, or another procedure is required, coordinating your loved one’s care, transportation, and follow-up visits can be complicated. Our day surgery services are fully customizable and completely flexible to make your loved one comfortable and provide the peace of mind you need. Day surgery services include transportation, coordinating care with your loved one’s doctor and care team, being there for your loved one, picking up prescriptions, and personal home care services.

During those critical 24 hours after coming home from an outpatient surgery, our caregivers will be there to assist and monitor your loved one, help him or her recover from the surgery safely, and adjust daily routines.

Plastic Surgery Support

Our plastic surgery support services help clients stick to their surgeon’s recovery plan, which is critical to reduce scarring and injury related to your loved one’s procedure. Often after outpatient surgery services, a helping hand is needed to prevent overdoing it. Most cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries require a minimum of 2 days of restricted movement and limiting lifting. Often, clients prefer to recover in complete privacy, and we’ll be there to run errands or help with adherence to the doctor’s recovery regiment.

Eye Surgery Support

The 24 hours after Lasik eye surgery require complete relaxation in order to speed recovery. Retinal surgeries often require the patient to recline for up to 5 days with no lifting to prevent increases in intraocular pressure. Glaucoma patients must limit their activities and be monitored for 24 hours, and driving can be prohibited for a day or up to several weeks after surgery. Following an eye surgery, Partners in Healthcare’s caregivers can assist with housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, transportation, and more to ensure the best possible recovery outcome.

Cancer Treatment Support

Returning home from day surgery, chemotherapy or radiation related to the treatment of cancer should be as stress-free, safe, and comfortable as possible. Our RN-managed home care team will assist with medication reminders and provide assistance with cancer-related neuropathy, nausea and fatigue. Our RN or LPN care managers understand cancer treatments and will create a custom care plan that will ensure a smooth recovery.

Dental Surgery Support

Oral surgery may be minor or quite complicated, in which case having a caregiver to assist is critical. Caregivers can assist with meal planning and preparation for modified diets and medication reminders to facilitate optimal recovery.

Our RN or LPN care managers understand surgery treatments and will create a custom care plan that will ensure all post-surgery needs are met. If you are preparing for surgery for yourself or a loved one, contact us today to ensure you will have the care you need when you’re ready to come home.


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