Osteoporosis & Elderly Care

Osteoporosis & Elderly Care

Osteoporosis & Elderly Care

Osteoporosis is another term degenerative arthritis is known as in which the bone mass, tissue and structure starts to deteriorate. This leads to frail bones, and also increases the chances of fractures in various other bones of the body. These include the hips, spine, wrists, and ankles. Both men and women can be affected by it, but it is found more commonly in women than in men.

Unfortunately, over half the population suffers from this disease. According to a survey one in every 2 women and 1 out of 4 men suffer from this disease. Osteoporosis can occur at any age, but, it is more common in seniors; most can suffer from serious fractures due to the smallest impact. According to elderly car and health homes, almost $14 billion is spent on this disease every year.

Risk Factors

There are two kinds of risk factors involved with osteoporosis; one cannot be changed, the other can be.osteoporosis

Factors which cannot be changed:  

  • Gender The chances of this disease in the elderly is higher in women than men as women have lesser tissue cells, and lose bones faster than men. This happens with the physical and hormonal changes within her body after menopause. This does not mean that men do not get it though.
  • Body Size and Weight- Women who are petite and who have skinny bones have higher chances of contracting this disease compared to healthier women.
  • Ethnicity- Women who are Asian or Caucasian have more chances of developing Osteoporosis; Hispanic and African American women are at lower but significant risk.
  • Heredity- Those children whose parents have a history of Osteoporosis, have a greater chance of receiving it; the reason also lies in the fact that they have lesser bone mass.

Factors which can be changed:

  • Sex Hormones Going to the doctor if you have any abnormal absence of the menstrual cycles, having low estrogen, low testosterones, can save you from osteoporosis at an early age, which will stop it from getting too serious.
  • Anorexia Nervosa- This is a fear of gaining weight, which many adults have. Eating disorders are caused by such a phobia which then leads to the high risk and possibilities of Osteoporosis.
  • Calcium & Vitamin D- A diet which has a low presence or no presence of vitamin and calcium D leads to this disease as well. Calcium and vitamin both are needed to keep your bones strong and prevent them from getting deformed with age.
  • Medication- The usage of glucocorticoids as well as some anticonvulsants can lead to bone loss, avoiding these medicines will help preserve your bones to a longer extent.
  • Lifestyle- Inactive lifestyle increases you chances at Osteoporosis even more. Stay active, eat healthy, exercise, have a proper routine and you will be Osteoporosis free.

The nurses at Partners in Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home senior care needs including how to stay healthy at home with RN managed affordable care. We are a private duty home care agency that provides elder home care services in the Orlando area, call us at 407-788-9393.




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