Home Health Care for Spinal Injuries

Home Health Care for Spinal Injuries

Home Health Care for Spinal Injuries

Our spinal cord is one of the most important features of our bodies. Most of the functions which we do, like sitting, bending, walking, or even moving has to do with our spine. Unfortunately, there are disorders and injuries which can leave a lifelong effect on us. In seniors, this can prove crippling but home health care for spinal injuries will minimize the effects.

Spinal Infections

The elderly are open to a number of spinal ailments. Our spine is made of 26 bones, also known as our vertebrate. The spine also has other parts called the intervertebral discs, and the dural sac all which are susceptible to viral or fungus infections. The cause behind the infections and bacteria can vary from a lot of things; this includes your diet, the medication you take, your hygiene, and even medical conditions such as diabetes.

Spinal Injuries

There are a number of reasons the spine can get injured. This can range from bending the wrong way to meeting an unfortunate accident. The bones which our spinal cord are made of are very delicate. These bones can easily be displaced, broken, or any important nerve can be damaged as well. If an individual meets an accident and has several multiple injuries on their spinal cord, paralysis can set in.

Spinal Tumors

Yes, it is possible for tumors to be located in the spine as well. This can be due to reasons associated with neurological weakness. The most common signs and symptoms include stiffness, numbness in the arms, legs, and other parts of the body. Very sharp focal spine pain can also be aroused during the mornings as well. Severe pain will be felt in the certain area where the possibility of the tumor lies, and other symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea and headaches, as well as dizziness will be present. Though this is rare, affected individuals must rest properly, for which serious home health care is required. For the elderly, senior care is a must.


Aging also plays a vital role when we talk about your spine. Since your spine is made of 26 important bones, and as we grow older, our bone structure changes, this means that the bones in our spines also change. The formation, structure, and the process of degeneration leave its effects on the spine. Due to this, the spine’s ability of cushioning decreases, causing pain, aches, and trouble standing or sitting as well. The pain can be excruciating and so will be the pressure on the spine. This is not a good thing, especially in an elderly individual. You must take the person to the doctor immediately for treatment, and ensure that they get complete rest. Applying more pressure will just make things worse.

The nurses at Partners in Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home senior care needs including how to stay healthy at home with RN managed affordable care. We are a private duty home care agency that provides home care services for spinal injuries  in the Orlando area, call us at 407-788-9393.


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