Let Partners in Healthcare Ensure Safety while Aging in Place

Let Partners in Healthcare Ensure Safety while Aging in Place

July 17, 2012 - 9:53 am

For relatives looking after loved ones who wish to age independently at home, thoughts of safety and security are never too far away. More and more seniors are choosing to age in place in the comfort of home instead of relocating to a nursing home or assisted living facility. However, as a person ages and certain functions become more difficult, it is important to ensure that the home is safe and can be navigated without injury.

This checklist can help you know what hazards to look for in the home:


  • Sidewalks/driveways: Check for cracks and abrupt edges that the senior could trip over
  • Stairs: Make sure all stairs have handrails that run the entire length of the stairs, preferably along both sides of the steps.
  • Doorways: Make sure that thresholds are low to avoid tripping.


  • Floors: Ensure that all rugs are secured with nonskid pads or tape, remove any throw rugs that may be slipping or tripping hazards, and eliminate clutter.
  • Phones: There should be at least one phone extension on each level of the home and emergency numbers should be clearly posted at each phone.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting is essential, particularly for those with low vision. Consider using motion sensitive lights.
  • Bathtub/toilet: Install grab bars in both areas, use nonskid mats or strips in the tub, install raised toilet seats, etc.
  • Kitchen: Keep commonly used items in an easy to reach place and make sure stove controls are also easy to reach.

This list contains just a few areas of the home to consider when ensuring safety in the home. Partners in Healthcare is committed to delivering exceptional client-centered home care in Orlando, Florida. Together we will make a positive difference in the life of your loved one. Call us today at 407-788-9393, and follow us on Facebook at HomeCareOrlando

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