Learning to Deal with a Person Suffering from Alzheimers in Altamonte Springs, FL

Learning to Deal with a Person Suffering from Alzheimers in Altamonte Springs, FL

Here is a good article that I found on Alzheimer’s and wanted to pass it on to you.  For more assistance with an aging loved one in your life visit our website at http://www.rah-nega.com/. 

Most of the caregiver “solutions” that I have found in the Alzheimer’s world are temporary if they aren’t easily adaptable. My mother’s rapid decline has me on my toes trying to be creative enough to come up with new solutions on what seems like a weekly basis now. Repetitive questions about the day of the week, time of day and meals were constant throughout the day.

A large wall calendar worked for a while. I crossed off the days as they passed and moved a sticky note with “Today” written on it to the current day. In time, neither the calendar in general nor the note “Today” made sense to mom. She only cares to know the day of the week now.

The large faced digital clock with AM/PM helped for a while but it eventually stopped making sense, too. In addition, Daylight Savings has wreaked havoc on the household since it’s light both early and late in the day; consequently, the repeated questions about whether it’s time for breakfast or dinner began.

Even though mom had dinner at 5PM she began asking for breakfast at 7PM thinking it was morning. I hung a large wall clock in a convenient location and she could read it but couldn’t distinguish between day and night. A hook on the wall under the clock now holds computer generated signs that I alternate — one each for Day and Night. At the moment they are helping.

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