How to Provide Alzheimer’s Support From a Distance

How to Provide Alzheimer’s Support From a Distance

How to Provide Alzheimer’s Support From a Distance

10 ideas on caring for someone with dementia — when you’re not the primary caregiver
By Paula Spencer, senior editor

Long-distance help for someone with Alzheimer’s

Whether you live across the country or across town, if you’re not the one primarily responsible for the care of someone with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, it’s easy to feel helpless or be unsure how to help. Here are some productive ideas.

Lend a supportive ear

It’s simple but critical: offer emotional support to the person’s primary caregiver. Caregiver stress is a constant threat. Acknowledge to him that it’s a very real problem and address the issue before it morphs into burnout. Especially when the caregiver is the patient’s spouse or another family member, check in regularly to see how he’s feeling and to ask how you can help.

Checking in if it’s a professional caregiver can likewise boost morale and help avoid a disruptive staff turnover. Listen attentively to the primary caregiver’s concerns. Look for areas where you can provide practical help (such as locating a support group or relief care for him), and try not to be overly critical when evaluating the care he’s providing.

Remember to thank him.

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