Breakthrough Holistic Strategies for Aging Gracefully

Breakthrough Holistic Strategies for Aging Gracefully

Breakthrough Holistic Strategies for Aging Gracefully

home-care-solutionsGetting older is beyond our control; how our minds and bodies age truly isn’t. By strategically considering our practical options for countering the negative effects of aging, we can reduce those effects and restore a certain degree of youthfulness, both internally and externally. There are still plenty of happy years ahead if you’re willing to implement some easy, proven holistic approach to create age-defying strategies.

Always find something to laugh about. You feel and to some extent even look younger when experiencing the joy of laughter, especially with those close to you. Read humorous books and watch comedies. Make new friends. Both novel experiences and positive friendships have the power to energize you, which will make you feel youthful and hale. You’re never too old to enjoy the pleasure of making new friends.

Be cautious about and protect yourself from fraud. The elderly are more likely to be targeted by fraudulent businesses and con-men. Always demand identification from strangers asking to enter your home, shred any papers containing personal and especially financial records, and never share your banking information. Make an effort to remain ever-vigilant and street-smart and those who think they might be able to take advantage of you because of your age will reconsider. Their reactions in turn will help keep you feeling sharp and competent.

Fighting some of the effects of aging can be as simple as improving your diet. In order to get the nutrients you need for your health, you’ll want to incorporate a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, and whole grains into your everyday meals. Those who have spent a lifetime eating processed, fast, and otherwise unhealthy foods are often surprised to discover how much better and younger they feel once they make the transition to a wholesome diet. Your risk of heart disease will be reduced by eating less red meat and more fish. Red meat can clog your arteries, but fish can do the exact opposite.

To address the outward signs of aging on the skin, consider avocado oil. Avocado oil is easily absorbed when applied topically and it will truly make you look younger. The oil contains sterolins, which help promote the production of skin collagen, remove “age spots”, and heal scars and sun damage. Give yourself regular facial massages as well. The pressure of massaging draws blood to the skin’s surface, which can help reduce wrinkling and sagginess. Massage your skin in a circular pattern with the three middle fingers.

Keep in mind that aging comes with benefits as well, like increased free time, wisdom, and focus on the family. Simply concentrating on these positives is itself an effective strategy to prevent you from becoming discouraged by the continued passing of the years. Take care of yourself psychologically and physically, and you may discover that the golden years are the best of all.

The Nurses at Partners in Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs including how to stay healthy at home with RN managed affordable care. We are a senior care agency providing elder home care serves in the Orlando area, 407-788-9393.

Hank Charpentier, MBA, MA, Certified Senior Adviser


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