Aren’t There Some Risks to hiring a Senior Helper?

Aren’t There Some Risks to hiring a Senior Helper?

You may worry about an unscrupulous worker coming into your home and taking your possessions or your money. Or you might not trust someone else to manage your medication or personal schedule. When hiring a senior helper, you don’t have to act on blind faith. All home health agencies carry professional liability insurance and Workman’s Compensation insurance.  

If you’re worried about the level of care you require, ask for RN care manager to be assigned to help you care for yourself or a loved one. All Florida Home Care Agencies perform state and national background checks, so go beyond this basic level including and motor-vehicle license checks and drug testing of on their caregivers. You want to make sure that your care team is welcomed into your home, day after day.  Home health agencies take the risk our of hiring a random person off the street or some cool sounding Internet site. Home care without any professional oversight and management can be a ticking time bomb, and your health, safety and assets are at risk. Your health and safety is too important to delegate to a Google search.

Our counselors and RNs at Partners in Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are a senior care agency providing elder care serves in the Orlando area, 407-788-9393.

Hank Charpentier, BSB, MBA, MA, Certified Senior Adviser

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