When Mom Lives With You and You’re At Work, Is She Safe?

When Mom Lives With You and You’re At Work, Is She Safe?

March 27, 2013 - 11:15 am

When considering bringing an elderly parent into your home, there are more things to think about than just space. Caring for another person takes patience, physical and mental strength, support from other family members and friends, and occasionally outside assistance from a home care agency like Partners in Healthcare. If you are considering caring for an older parent in your home while working full time either at home or outside the home, it’s important to consider whether or not your parent will be able to navigate your community on his or her own and how he or she will manage while you are away or unable to assist.

Ask yourself, “While I am working…”

  • Can mom shop independently, or will she need help?
  • Is there a danger that mom might leave the house on her own and get lost?
  • Can mom prepare and serve meals for herself? Or will she need to have meals prepared and served?
  • Can mom drive or navigate public transportation on her own? Or will she need transportation assistance?
  • Will mom need someone to talk to or to help her participate in mind-stimulating activities?

This article from The Washington Post offers more important aspects to consider when inviting an elderly parent to move in with you.  Partners in Healthcare can help alleviate some of the responsibilities and pressures of family caregiving, even when your loved ones have moved in with you. Contact us to learn more about our in-home care and respite services.

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