Veteran’s Benefits

Veteran’s Benefits

November 6, 2019 - 3:24 pm

Veteran’s Pension Benefits for Spouses too!

Veteran’s pension benefits may be up to $2,984 each month, (tax free and will NOT affect Social Security) from the VA to help pay for home care! The Aid and Attendance program is federally funded for veterans and/or their surviving spouses. A study conducted by the National Care Planning Council indicated that less than 5% of eligible veterans are receiving this benefit.  Please call Anthony 386 383 5120 to discuss Veteran’s pension benefits.

Current VA Aid and Attendance Rates

Surviving Spouse $1,209 Monthly
Single Veteran $1,881 Monthly
Married Veteran $2,230 Monthly
Two Vets Married $2,984 Monthly


We work with our sister Company Plan Life Care to assist with VA Aid and Attendance applications


WWII Army Air Corps Vet and Hank a Navy Vet

WWII Army Air Corps Vet and Hank a Navy Vet


Qualifying Criteria 

  • The veteran must have been on active duty for at least 90 days, one day of which must have been during a period of war as determined by the federal government.
  • The veteran must have received a discharge other than dishonorable.
  • The veteran must be permanently disabled due to NON-service connected causes and need the assistance of another person with activities of daily living, the need for which must be supported in writing by a physician.
  • A surviving spouse must have been married to the veteran at the time of his or her death
  • To receive the maximum pension, the veteran or surviving spouse must be spending his or her available income for purchase of ongoing, un-reimbursed medical expenses. Services purchased from a home care provider are considered a qualifying expense by the VA.
  • The veteran or surviving spouse is limited as to liquid assets they may possess and still qualify for Veteran’s pension benefits. There is no specific dollar amount published by the VA, but it is generally held to be some amount less than $120,000*, depending on the age of the claimant.

*Based on the specific details of each veteran’s situation, as part of the consultation process, Home Care for Heroes

USAF Colonel and B-52 Commander. WWII, Korea and Viet Nam.

USAF Colonel and B-52 Commander. WWII, Korea and Viet Nam.

is often able to predict with a high degree of accuracy, the value of liquid assets the claimant will be allowed to keep by the VA.

We will provide you with access to information needed to apply for eligibility for the Veterans Non-Service Connected Improved Pension. Should you need assistance applying for benefits, our trusted affiliates can help you with the entire process. We will also design a plan to help you while the VA is processing your application. If you think you may qualify please contact us at 407-788-9393 or click here to email us with your request.

The following brief videos review the VA benefits programs in Orange County Florida.

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