Respite Care for the Family Caregiving Hero

Respite Care for the Family Caregiving Hero

May 28, 2013 - 1:00 pm

Being a family caregiver is nothing short of heroic, and, like all the great superheroes, many caregivers take on too much responsibility out of a sense of duty. While there’s no doubt that family caregivers have a super-powered heart, they can’t always do it all.

Respite care allows for relief from the daily responsibilities of caring for someone who is ill, injured or frail, while a professional caregiver maintains the care recipient’s care plan.

A few basic tenets of respite care include:

  • Respite from ongoing care responsibilities ensures loved ones still receive the attention they deserve.
  • All approaches to respite care provide caregivers with care that is planned, temporary, intermittent and substitute.
  • Time required for respite varies from part of one day to ongoing scheduled routine relief.

Although in-home respite care is the most typical and least disruptive type of respite care, it doesn’t always have to be at home. A family caregiver could experience some respite by bringing a senior to an adult day center once or twice a week. Respite care can also take place in a vacation setting when needed.

Being a caregiving hero doesn’t mean losing yourself in the process. Remember, even Superman had his Fortress of Solitude! Partners in Healthcare can be your hero when you need some solitude of your own. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of respite care or to schedule services for your loved one.

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