Innovative Companies to Discover – Part 2

Innovative Companies to Discover – Part 2

Innovative Companies to Discover – Part 2


With offices in San Francisco, CA and Ultimo, Australia, Tapestry offers a private social network for families. Think of a social sharing network like Facebook, but make it private and without data tracking and you have Tapestry. Adult children can use Tapestry to stay in touch with their parents. Grandchildren can send text, audio, and video messages to their grandparents thanks to Tapestry. Even extended family can join in and become part of the camaraderie of Tapestry. Whether a family member is living in a retirement facility or enjoying their freedom in an independent living facility, Tapestry makes monitoring their well-being so much easier.



 Currently in the pre-launch stage, Elderberry is a startup based out of London, England that is creating interactive games for seniors. Once publicly available, Elderberry’s products will allow seniors and their caregivers to connect using educational software.


Which of these startups for seniors do you think you will be integrating into your life?  Will you be sharing these companies with your parents or social circle?

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