Home Care Orlando FL: November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Home Care Orlando FL: November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November 18, 2011 - 10:48 pm

November is named Lung Cancer Awareness Month. This means that this month is dedicated to a national campaign to raise awareness about lung cancer. During the month of November, there will be rallies, fund-raising events and much more to promote awareness. This is extremely beneficial for people suffering from lung cancer and caregivers of those people. Senior care and elder care is also extremely vital for those suffering from lung cancer. 

During the month of November, people all around the world plan events in their communities. This is helpful to raise money to find cures for this disease and to ensure that senior care is provided to those who need it. Caregivers of people suffering from cancer are often at the heart of awareness. They see firsthand the effects of this disease and how hard it is for people and families to cope with. 

Lung cancer is a disease that develops in the longs and is normally separated by two categories. Non-small cell lung cancer makes up 85% of all lung cancer cases. This type grows slower than the other type, called small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer contains smaller cells, but they spread much quicker. When older people develop this type of cancer, it is important that they receive proper care. Elder care is available through many doctors and caregivers. Many families obtain senior care for their parents with this illness and many times they must utilize assisted living facilities for their elderly parents. 

Every case of lung cancer is different. For elderly people, it often involves waiting to hear what the test results say, and then waiting longer to find out the type of treatment they will receive. For people with severe cases, families often turn to assisted living. This gives a loved one the attention needed during times of chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments. It also provides the care needed during times of waiting. 

During the month of November, it is often easier to find out information about lung cancer, treatment options and how to cope with it. Look for events in your area, or initiate your own.

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