Home Care in Orlando, FL: Help a Homebound Senior on National Grandparent’s Day

Home Care in Orlando, FL: Help a Homebound Senior on National Grandparent’s Day

September 7, 2011 - 3:37 pm

In fairly recent years, the second Sunday of September has been reserved as a time to recognize and remember grandparents. September 11, 2011 will mark the 32nd National Grandparent’s Day. Grandparent’s Day is celebrated in September as it is the month which transitions us from summer to fall and likewise symbolizes the “autumnal season” of one’s life. The first Grandparent’s Day was held September 6, 1979 after a proclamation was signed by President Jimmy Carter. However, this national holiday actually came to be due to the efforts of Marian McQuade, a mother of fifteen, grandmother and great-grandmother from West Virginia who believed that grandparents deserved a day of special recognition, that children and grandchildren could benefit from the wisdom and knowledge that older citizens can offer, and that more attention needed to be given to the lonely elderly population, both homebound and in nursing homes.

On September 11, many will take their parents or grandparents out to a nice lunch, encourage their children to make a homemade card for grandpa and grandma, or perhaps even present a memorable gift to the grandparent who has been a positive influence and role model. What will take place much less frequently this September 11 is an unexpected visit to an invalid neighbor, a card sent to an elderly widow who attends one’s church, or a package delivered to an assisted living resident. And yet any of these seemingly simple gestures can mean the world to one who either lives a distance from family, has no family, or is unfortunately often neglected by his family.
So, this year when it comes time to plan what you will be doing with or giving to your grandparents, take a few moments to plan something for a homebound senior citizen as well. If you need some ideas in addition to the ones mentioned above, consider packing a lunch and taking an hour or two out of your day to eat with that invalid neighbor. If your daughter is willing, drop her off at the house of that elderly widow in your congregation and encourage her to listen to, and maybe even record, the stories that woman will most certainly have to tell. Perhaps you could even discover the needs of that assisted living resident and offer to run an errand or do a chore or two. And if you could then make that a repeat occurance, it would surely be all the more appreciated.
To celebrate this National Grandparent’s Day, try to think outside the box, or perhaps just down the block, and recognize someone who may have otherwise been forgotten. And as this Grandparent’s Day does fall on the anniversary of 9/11, perhaps this celebration can be made even more memborable by honoring an elderly veteran who has served our country so that we are even able to enjoy such holidays as National Grandparent’s Day.
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