Fruits & Vegetable benefit Resembling Organs

Fruits & Vegetable benefit Resembling Organs

Fruits & Vegetable benefit Resembling Organs

Believe it or not many fruits and vegetable resemble some of our organs. In fact many of Fruits and Vegetablesthose fruits and veggies are very beneficial for the organ which they resemble. Here are some of them with their benefits; do remember to take a healthy dose of those daily as are very healthy for all young and old.

Grapes & Lungs

Have you ever noticed how the branches of grapes look similar to alveoli? Well, they really do. A few grapes a day can reduce chances of lung cancer! Sounds hard to believe right? Grapes naturally contain a chemical called proanthocyanidin which is present within its seeds. This chemical naturally helps in minimizing allergy related asthma attacks.

Tomatoes & Our Heart

Just like the human heart, tomatoes have four chambers, are red in color, and are rich in lycopene, a chemical which helps in the prevention of heart diseases by neutralizing LDL cholesterol. That is not all; tomatoes are known to be rich in folate too, which also helps aid in the production of red blood cells which the heart pumps in order to get oxygen to reach out to other organs in the human body.

Walnuts & the Brain

When you crack open a walnut shell, you can clearly see that the walnut looks exactly like the human brain, but is different in size, color, and of course, function. This nut is no doubt very useful for the brain. Walnuts are actually the only nuts which contain omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids prevent cognitive decline and since our mammalian brains are composed of them, we require the same acid to keep our brains to function properly.

Carrots & the Eyes

When you slice carrots, you can easily spot some sort of design in the middle of each slice, and that design looks very similar to an eye. The patterns are kind of astonishing, as carrots are extremely rich in beta-carotene, a chemical component which helps in the reduction of age related macular degeneration which commonly affects the human eye. Is that a co-incidence?

Avocados & the Womb

The shape of the womb and the shape of an avocado are quite alike. A funny story is that it takes 9 months for a child to be fully grown within the womb, and it also takes 9 months for the avocado to be fully ripe. Another weird coincidence is that the womb carries a child which starts off like a small seed, and the avocado also holds a ‘baby’ or seed in its center. Avocados can stabilize female hormones and help get rid of the excessive weight which the mother gets from her pregnancy, and thus reduce chances of cervical cancer.

Figs & Testicles

Avocados are to women, as figs are to men. Figs are similar to men’s testicles and are grown in pairs. When the soft skin of the figs is cut, you can see many white seeds, which represent male sperms. Eating can increase sperm count, and their mobility as well.

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