Falls Leading to Serious Injury or Death Part – 4 of 4

Falls Leading to Serious Injury or Death Part – 4 of 4

June 30, 2014 - 10:33 am

Steps to Reduce the Risk of Hip Fractures after a Fall

In addition to environmental and home risk reduction strategies, there are also patient factors that can be optimized to prevent fractures from falls. Make sure a doctor reviews medications. If multiple doctors write prescriptions, the primary care doctor should review them all.

Patients with osteopenia (low mineral content of bones) and osteoporosis (thin bones at risk of fractures) are more likely to suffer a fracture as a result of a fall. A balanced diet with adequate calcium and vitamin D will help to keep bones strong. Your doctor can test for levels of these nutrients and recommend supplements, if necessary.

Potential Benefits of Exercise in Preventing Falls and Fractures

Exercise not only makes falling less likely, it also reduces the chances that a fall will result in a fracture.

Improved balance: Exercise, especially those like yoga and tai chi strengthen the core and improve overall balance.

Increased muscle strength: When the muscles supporting the body, especially the core and legs, are stronger, falls may be less likely. Also, the bones benefit from having a stronger support system.

Increased bone strength: Some types of exercise, like low-impact aerobics and strength training create stronger bones, which are less likely to fracture if a fall occurs.

What You Can Do to Prevent Falls and Hip FracturesIMG_0111

  • Exercise
  • Ensure proper nutrition
  • Ask your doctor to review your medications
  • Ask your doctor if you need a bone scan to check for osteoporosis
  • Request a fall risk assessment of your body and your home
  • Report falls so that risk factors can be identified
  • Minimize dangers in the home that can lead to falls as outlined above
  • Have regular eye exams and wear prescription glasses if needed

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