Typical Support Plans

Typical Support Plans

Peace of Mind Visits

When your loved one is showing signs of needing additional assistance, this is a great way to ease into the change of outside help allow a caregiver into their home. These short 2-hour visits give your loved one a little extra help while providing you the peace of mind that you need.

  • Companionship and conversation
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping needs

Our care managers can provide with status reports related to your parents health and well being. This is particularly helpful for long distance caregivers or busy professionals.

Morning Wake-Up Service (4 Hours)

Each morning, a Caregiver will help you or your lived one rise and shine to start the day off on the right foot. Our staff will help you bath, dress and prepare a delightful breakfast and remind you to take your medications if needed. You and your Caregiver are able to run errands, work on your therapy program or your favorite hobby.

Evening Turn Down Service (4 Hours)

Each evening, your Caregiver will help you with your bedtime routine. This might include a snack, bath dressing, medication reminders. Whatever your routine is our RN/LPN Care Manager will create a plan that matches your needs!

Weekday or Weekend Support Package (4 Hours or longer shifts)
Need to run errands, attend church, attend family functions, or just a little relaxation of an afternoon or evening getaway? We provide you the “Peace of Mind” that you deserve to enjoy your outing.

Rest Comfortably All Night Package (Five to Seven 12 Hour Shifts)

Seven nights knowing that you or your loved one is resting in the home (wherever home may be) with the help of an awake caregiver as one sleeps. Continuum’s respite caregiver will also be available during a hospital stay, long term or short-term facility stay, as well as assisted living and independent senior housing complexes. Our caregivers will adjust their schedules to accommodate any work shift or work schedule.

Busy Professionals Work Week Peace of Mind Package (50 Hours or as needed)
If your parents or a loved one resides at your home, you may need help to be able to fulfill your professional obligations. We can help by caring for your loved one 5 days a week. We’ll help your loved one rise, bathe, dress, provide med reminders, and to prepare meals and snacks. We will be there throughout the day for your loved one. If they have an appointment or activities they need to attend we will transport them. Our RN/LPN Care Manager will develop a schedule to accommodate any work schedule.

Care For Two Clients

Care for two clients does not double your cost. When there is more than one person living in the same residence in need of home care assistance we can create a plan. For a surcharge we can take care of both clients in the home. We can care for husband and wife, brothers, sisters, mother and daughter, and unrelated persons living in the same home. Our RN or LPN care managers will create a custom care plan that will meet the needs of both people in the home.

As needed Weekday or Weekend Support Package (4 Hours or more)
Need to run errands, attend church, attend family functions, or just a little relaxation of an afternoon or evening getaway? We provide you the “Peace of Mind” that you deserve to enjoy your outing.

Quality Care Around the Clock Package (7×24 Hour Shifts)
Our total care package. We do it all so you can be the son, daughter or friend while we give you the peace of mind of around the clock care. We’ll provide companionship, safety measures, meal preparation, grooming/personal hygiene, light housekeeping, laundry, errands, appointments, and whatever else the client and family need. We are proud of our agencies 24/7 quality of care. Our RN/LPN Care mangers will provide weekly care updates of your loved one.

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