Personal Care

Personal Care

We make house calls to help keep people at home

Caring for a parent can bring a lot of joy, and it can bring a lot of stress. There are only 24 hours in a day, and it’s much better spent being with the person you love. We’ll help our client with a shower, a ride to the doctor, healthy meals, exercise or therapy. With the right support team, home care becomes a lot easier to manage.   The decision to leave your home or place your loved one into a nursing facility is not one to be taken lightly.  Your home is quite possibly the best place for you, it gives you security, a sense of belonging in the community, friends and, most importantly, independence.

Help with the not-so-little things

As our parents get older, the little things they did every day such as taking a shower, getting dressed, or making a meal become “big” things. We know that letting someone help with personal care is difficult, but having someone assist with a shower or to keep an eye on your loved one can give you tremendous peace of mind. Knowing things will be taken care of when you can’t be there, makes it easier on both of you and lets you enjoy your time together that much more.

Listed below are some of the services we can help with, but our RN care manager will create a plan that is targeted to meet your  specific needs.

  • Preparing meals
  • Bathing
  • Shaving
  • Dressing
  • Light cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Medical Alert services
  • Exercise
  • Home Modifications

Client Testimonial

My name is Carrie and I live in Central Florida.  Partners in Healthcare assisted my family in caring for my grandfather in my home during the last two years of his illness. Being that I also had two young daughters to care for, Partners in Healthcare made it possible for me to continue in my role as wife, mother and homemaker while giving my grandfather the excellent care he deserved.  The name “Partners in Healthcare” is particularly appropriate as I truly felt that Hank, Bonnie and their caregivers were my partners during this journey.  They were able to handle everything……from the companion care we needed for the first 18 months, to the “round the clock” care we required at the end of his life.  I always felt like Hank and Bonnie and their staff were there for me…..from a phone consultation to a visit. One of the things I most appreciated was their flexibility.  My schedule was always changing and they happily adapted and always provided the coverage I needed.
They truly made the most difficult months of my life much easier with their genuine care and professionalism. I would recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves caring for a loved one.
Carrie G.

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