Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

Pediatric Home Care Services

We are an Orlando Home Health Agency, that is RN owned and managed providing pediatric services to families in Orlando and the surrounding communities. We support you and your family by providing home health care services for newborns to teens. Whether it is a simple cold or the special needs of a child with disabilities, our pediatric care services team provides a complete range of support.

Newborn Home Care Services

We help you mange the unplanned events in your life with baby sitter or nursing services. Our newborn services include preemie support, new mom training, and respite care for moms. New mom training may include how to reduce the risk of SIDS, how to bathe your newborn or breastfeeding support by a Lactation consultant.  We will support you when unexpected childcare needs arise, allowing you to work or travel on business while we care for your child. Our team can provide basic sitter up to complex home care support for  parents.  As part of your care team we will educate parents or other family members or friends to ensure all are able to more comfortably care for your child.

Our pediatric home care services include a broad range of private duty services for your child in the comfort of your home. 

Based on your in-home care or sitter needs, we will match your family with the right caregivers.  
Our  team has expertise supporting everything from well child to complex medical conditions. For children with special needs or medical complications, a RN will design and constantly manage a Home Care Plan to match your child’s unique needs. Whether your need is for occasional respite care, or you need a recurring support plan, we will match a team of caregivers to fit your schedule.  Call us to set up a free, in-home assessment that will allow us to design a home care plan for you.

Care Coordination

When caring for your child is more than you can manage, or you need respite from the everyday pressures of care giving, we make life a bit more manageable for our clients and families. Our home care managers monitor your child closely by making regular home visits. In addition we can update your physician(s) to ensure the entire medical team is informed of changes and progress. We’ll arrange for transition care from hospital to home and assist with doctor’s visits. Close attention to detail and thorough reporting is our specialty!

Special needs kids

When caring for a child with Autism, Asperger syndrome or Rett syndrome often a care team is needed to supplement the parents and prevent burn out.  We have the nursing staff and therapy partners to help you provide the best environment for your child.  We can be there to provide respite time for a few hours or longer. Our caregivers are cool, calm, collected and consistent, which is the best way to deal with the challenging behaviors of children with ADD or ADHD. Let us know how we can help you with you in-home care needs!

Healthcare Advocacy

When your child is in the hospital, we can work along with you and your child’s medical team to ensure an optimal home care plan is established. We can provide respite care so you can leave the hospital knowing your child is in good hands. Our team will help remove the stresses associated with your child’s hospitalization. “All my young clients are special to me and my team, we work closely with you to design a Care Plan specific to cover all of your needs,” Executive Director of Nursing, Bonnie Charpentier RN. Call me to have a professional advocate added to your home care team.

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