Long Distance Care Giving

Long Distance Care Giving

Long distance caregivers have many unique challenges; from helping to manage finances to managing home care services.  With adult children or grandchild scattered around the country it is critical to find a home care partner with the depth of professional services to meet your needs.  If your parent or grandparents live here in the Orlando area we can help you with the challenges of long distance services!  Our RN or LPN care managers understand long distance services and will create a custom care plan that will meet the needs of your loved ones and keep you informed as part of the care team.  When you can only visit once in a while and must manage care for a loved one from a distance we can be your eyes, ears and hands that make your loved one safe.

For many famlies that do not live in the area our RN managed care providers the families  the peace of mind that their families are safe and any situation can be managed by the RN care managers of Partners in Healthcare.  Our nurses will provide feedback on the care of your loved one and help you manage health issues as they arise.  We can fill the role of your medical surrogate when you cannot be here to ensure you have a proactive plan to mange all emergencies.  Call to learn how we can make you not seem so far away!

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