In-Law Suites

In-Law Suites

Even with signs of the world wide economy beginning to right itself, many are still looking at ways to reduce costs both now and into the future. However, when faced with the prospect of an aging parent who may require daily care, budgets can quickly become unworkable.

Construction of an in-law suite in your own residence is quickly becoming a viable alternative to placement in a nursing home.  A brief review of local care homes will reveal that the price seems to range from expensive to exorbitant, and while the expense of renovating your home may seem prohibitive at first, it can often end up less than the cost of a single year in a nursing home.

Before considering this option, realise that in-law suites are not the ideal option for everyone.  If your parent will require a great deal of care, attention or specialized treatment on a daily basis, a care home may be the better option. Caring for your in-law is also a major commitment on your part, and you should be comfortable with your parent’s health, care and comfort requirements before deciding – especially considering your parent’s health is likely to decline rather than improve.

If your parent requires only some assistance with daily living and may otherwise live independently, an in-law suite can provide a number of advantages – not least of which are potential long-term savings.

As noted, nursing homes can be prohibitively expensive. An afternoon spent inquiring into local care homes and obtaining estimates from contractors for renovations to your house is time well-spent. In many cases – especially where you have unused rooms or space in your home – the cost of renovation is minimal.

After the passing of your parent, or when your parent’s care requirements dictate a transfer to a full-time care facility, you have the added benefit of a potential rental suite which can be an important supplement to your income. In addition, in-law suites almost invariably add value to a home, should you decide to sell.

There are intangible benefits to having your parent living in your home as well. While most nursing homes are safe, caring and comfortable environments, the sad reality is that there are some where theft, abuse or neglect are commonplace. To that end, housing your loved one in-home gives both of you peace of mind that your parent’s dignity will be respected. Additionally, involving the parent in the design of the suite can be a fun and rewarding activity. Similarly, having your parent in your home can provide both of you with an opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company in the twilight of your parent’s years.

An aging parent poses unique challenges to children, but an in-law suite can provide peace of mind and long-term financial benefits that outweigh the uncertainty and expense involved with nursing home care.

Our counselors and RNs at Partners in Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are a senior care agency providing Elder Care in Orlando.

Hank Charpentier

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