Age-Related Memory Loss: How to Diminish It

Age-Related Memory Loss: How to Diminish It

Age-Related Memory Loss: How to Diminish It

Praying to remberEverybody has memory slips from time to time – a phone number that you cannot recall or the keys that you are unable to find. As you age, these slip-ups may become more common and recurrent. Nevertheless you do not have to resign yourself to memory failure. Try these effortless steps that can facilitate your brain to stay sharp as you slowly age.

Employ Your Brain

According to Mustafa Husain, MD, manager of the elderly psychiatry division at Duke University School of Medicine “Just like physical exercise, mental exercise is good for you.” Several mentally tricky activities can help keep your mind active. You can discuss scores with friend while watching a football match, play cards, occupy yourself with a brain training app or join a book club. Your mind needs regular exercise and these activities will keep it active and healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital for upholding memory. During a complete sleep cycle your brain sorts and combines new information. Studies demonstrate that people and especially seniors improve at retaining freshly learned information the subsequent day if they have had an excellent night’s sleep.

You can employ the following tips to get a good night’s sleep:

  • Keep away from smoking or any other forms of nicotine.
  • Avoid eating a big dinner before bed.
  • Do not consume caffeine or alcohol before your bedtime.
  • Go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.

Stay Social and Connected To Friends

Turner states “The more social connections someone has, the better they are at preserving mental function and memory.” Socialize on a regular basis with friends and family. Get out of your home and do things you get pleasure out of with the people you love being with. Join a club that suits you, become a helper, or find a part-time job. This will not only improve your mood but also go a long way in boosting your brain power.

Make Use of Memory Tricks

When you have problem with memory on a daily basis, it helps to have some tricks up your sleeve. If you have problems remembering appointments or phone numbers, put them in writing and place the list in a prominent spot. Creating a daily “to do” list will take you back to the imperative tasks and obligations that you have to complete. Writing notes and lists strengthen memory. Each time you hear a new name, speak it out loud to seal it in your brain. Mentally attach each name with a picture. If you meet a girl named April, imagine a tree in bloom to symbolize the month of April. That way you will recall her name easily.

Utilize the Memory Aids

To help remembering, post sticky notes around the house and office, or place reminders on your cell-phone so you know when it is time to take your medicine or head to a vital gathering. Place very important items, such as your eye-glasses or keys, in the same place every time you are not using them.

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